Fire Entry Suit

We offer aluminized fire entry suit with the following specifications.

The 7000 series aluminized fire entry suite consists of a separate Coat (with B.A. Set Pouch), Pant, Hood, Boots, and Gloves constructed from multiple layers of insulated multi-layered Aluminized Silica Fabric (outer shell) for maximum Heat Protection and Radiant Heat Protection. This unique, breakthrough insulation Technology, delivers superior heat and Radiant and flame protection. 7000 series Fire Entry Suits features new patents and ergonomic designs permitting users greater freedom of moments.

These items of heat-protective garments are manufactured from, Aluminized Silica Fabric, Thermal Insulation Fabric, Moisture Barrier Lining & Fire Retardant Fabric Lining, and Woolen linings.

All these garments are stitched using the superior quality 4 Ply Kevlar thread of DUPONT make, USA.

Shoes are with oil and heat resistant sole.

Application: Ideal for its use where high heat and radiant heat protection is required. Designs for short duration ambient heat 1500 deg. F (815 C), Radiant heat to 3000 deg. F (1650 C) and total flame 2000 deg. F (1093 C).


↠ Product Type: Coat Pant ↠ Feature: Acid proof
↠ Wear Type: Reflective ↠ Gender :
↠ Size: Free Size ↠ Color: Silver
↠ Material: Aluminised fiberglass fabric ↠ Do you fulfill sample orders: Yes
↠ Number Of Layers: 4 Layer ↠ Heat Resistance: Yes
↠ Application: Rescue operation In fire Fire Emergency


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