Aluminised Fire Hood

Product Description:

  • • Made out of aluminized fiberglass or aluminized Kevlar.
  • • Comes with woolen lining inside.
  • • Fitted with fireman helmet inside as per IS.
  • • Front visor fitted with a brass net.
  • • Stitched with Kevlar thread. Request Callback
↠ Features: Heat Resistant ↠ Style: Full Face cover
↠ Available Size: 10 ↠ Wear Type: Full Face
↠ Usage/Application: Foundry, steel plant, and other areas where workers exposed to higher heat. ↠ Model Number: HCFH003
↠ Application: To Protect wearer farce From Heat ↠ Brand: Hi-Care
↠ Color: Silver ↠ Material: Aluminised Fabric
↠ Size: Medium


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